New Years Resolution - a useful simple way to make long term changes.

Lets make Sensible New Years Resolution together

So here we are again – another year has passed, and we are all rushing into setting ourselves targets/plans for the year ahead. The newspapers are filled with all this super advice about how you can get fit in 7 minutes and loose 5 stone by just eliminating this one food from your diet.

I am sure we all know that this is rubbish. It requires effort to make changes and sometimes this is the main issue that you need to address. Putting effort into getting healthier and happier what could be more important. I realise our lives are busy so small changes that stick are the way to go. Forget about crash diets or silly exercise regimes that you will leave behind soon. Before you start just watch this quick video with me explaining my thoughts on this.

I am proposing a few simple things for you to try:

  • Work on your posture – watch my Slump Video over on YouTube and then do my anti slump work out  embedded below. Total length 10 minutes so easy to fit into even the busiest life. Even if you do it once a week it will help.

  • Increase your water intake – get a reusable bottle (500ml) and try and empty that twice a day. Small sips often rather than big infrequent glugs.
  • Implement some of my little handy hints for developing a better awareness of when you slump.

These are all simple things that won’t take up much time and could really help to improve your well being.
Let me know how you get on by leaving a comment below.

Thank You