Yoga for a Healthy Low Back

Let’s not rush to back health     
Free 30 min yoga for back health video has landed. The link is at the bottom of this post.
I invite you to invest 1 hour a week for 6 weeks to see how beneficial it can be.

We live in a time where everything is a rush. I am sure like me you have seen all the quick fixes for back pain  etc. get fit in 15 minutes, lose weight without putting effort in etc.

Why don’t we decide to give ourselves and our bodies time and love? Let’s pause for a while to engage with the back.

The video I have made here is a low-key yoga back routine. I think, if people did this video 2 or 3 times a week for 6 weeks it would really improve overall back health.

The total length of this FREE yoga video is 30 min. To provide a comprehensive routine that addresses the main issues associated with back stiffness. I cannot do it in less than 30 min. I am sure you will agree once you have tried it. I appreciate that there are many yoga videos online that are shorter (including my own Udemy ones - Yogabites). These have a different purpose to this very specific mission. Personally, I feel that an investment of potentially 1 hour a week is nothing. We all know how pressurised the health system has become and as a population we need to take charge of our own health a lot more.

This routine is not for you if you have sciatica as it will almost certainly aggravate your symptoms. This routine is pitched for the stiff and weak backs I see in clinic all the time. If you feel you want to try it, please follow the link below to YouTube and give it a try. Don’t rush into anything that doesn’t feel right. As with any exercise this routine may aggravate your back so listen to your body.
There are a couple of the exercises where I give options. Don’t progress until you feel you can control the basic movement.

So, allow yourself some time to improve your health.

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link to YouTube for the video Yoga for a Healthy Low Back