Desk Jockey Neck Stretches

Neck stretching at the desk

Just a quick little post to introduce my latest YouTube video. A 5 minute neck stretching routine geared towards the desk jockeys tapping away all day. Spend 5 minutes at work doing this little routine to loosen up your neck. Work on improving your neck and shoulder posture at the desk.
That’s not to say that I won’t benefit you all – have a go and see how you feel.

On a separate note this post really illustrates well why I have embarked on this project. Many people I see have been given exercises on sheets of paper by people – you may even have been given my stick men drawings in the past. For a while I have been frustrated with how ineffective this approach has been. It is difficult to draw a 3D exercise on paper. So, I hope by putting these little videos together it will become a good resource for exercise. My plan is to gradually stop drawing stick men and instead draw your attention to this blog and YouTube.

Here it is the video below – Any questions please post them below.

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Thanks Thomas