What is a Slump Posture

Slump posture

So I have been a bit quiet here on the blog which doesn’t mean I have not been thinking or planning the next posts. I wanted to put some sort of January suggestions together to encourage you to address some of the common issues I encounter. My aim is to get you to do something useful and pull you away from the crazy diets and major lifestyle changes that often don’t stick.

This is the first little primer for this project and one of the corner stones of this project.
Also do watch the video over on YouTube where i go into more detail. Just Click the link.

The Slump

Most of us spend a lot of time sitting and let’s be honest we slump a lot – and I do include me in this. As you will see from the video on YouTube I am not immune to slumping but I do try and fight it. This pre Christmas post is just meant as a brief introduction to the slump and hopefully prime you to notice how you sit over Christmas – in the new year I will upload a yoga routine to help you address this. For now lets just double check that we all agree what a slump is.

Here I am sitting on the floor in a slump. I have reversed my curve in the low back and exaggerated my mid back curve and probably lost my neck curve.

I bit like this picture(very unhelpfully I am showing you facing the other way but i am sure you get the gist)

Now this is how we should sit regaining our curves.

This is me sitting like this but do notice how my head is forwards -partly from trying to talk to you.

So without spending your Christmas obsessing about it do notice how you sit and maybe ask yourself a couple of questions.
·            Does it matter where you sit and on what
·            Does it matter what time of day it is
·            Does it matter what you are doing.

I am sure there are other questions but try those to start with
Finally have a wonderful Christmas and look forward to carpet bombing you with more information next year.